Undo staged upgrade (CHT Core)

Hi, I have an upgrade that was staged a while back, and i would like to stage a newer upgrade and install how do i undo the staged upgrade so i can initiate a new upgrade. Please see attached screenshot,



Unfortunately, there is no way to achieve this in the UI.

An option is to trigger the new upgrade (or staged upgrade) with horticulturalist:

horti [other params] --stage=medic:medic:<version>

The other option is to delete the horti-upgrade document manually from the database. This document holds information about the upgrade currently being executed.
The easiest is to do it using Fauxton (/_utils) or with curl:

curl --head <instance url>/medic/horti-upgrade | grep -Fi etag
curl -X DELETE <instance url>/medic/horti-upgrade?rev=<etag from previous response>

You’ll need to refresh the admin upgrade page to see the changes, and you’ll be able to stage or install another upgrade.


Thank you this has worked ( delete the horti-upgrade document manually from the database.)

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