Understanding when cht-core upgrades occur via horti-upgrade documents

I’m looking for horti-upgrade documents to understand when CHT-Core upgrades have happened on a production instance. I’m not seeing any such documents on the CHT 4.1 instance I’m inspecting.

I’m looking using:


I can see tombstones of this document on CHT 3 instances but not on the CHT 4 instance I’m inspecting.

Is this upgrade record still available?

Hi @kenn

Thanks for bringing this up, as I am just now realizing we missed documenting how upgrades can be tracked now. I’ll create an issue to add documentation.

In short, there is no more horti, and therefore, no more horti-upgrade. Upgrade logs are kept in a new type of document that you can find in medic-logs, and will look like upgrade_log:<timestamp>:<version>. You can get them using a similar query:


Can you please give this a try?

That worked! Thanks.

One piece of feedback is that it was very nice to have these upgrade logs available in Postgres via couch2pg.

Are medic-logs not synced to postgres?

Don’t think so

Opened Sync medic-logs database to Postgres · Issue #131 · medic/cht-couch2pg · GitHub

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Added in cht-couch2pg 3.6.2. This query merges 3.x upgrade logs and 4.x upgrade logs into one upgrade history.