Unable to push Forms

Hello all,

Am trying to push forms to the test instance using medic-conf but an error unable to fetch doc is returned.I have shared a screenshot

The command i run looks something like this:

medic-conf --url=https://XXXX:XXXX@smarthealth-ug-staging.lg-apps.com convert-app-forms upload-app-forms -- assessment

The medic-conf version am using is 3.2.0

Is there a reason this is happening ?, any help will be appreciated.

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Hey @atria make sure your are using the correct credentials in that command

As @jonathan rightly put it, a HTTP status code if 401 means you are unauthorised to perform the request. 401 Unauthorized - HTTP | MDN

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Much appreciated for pointing that out @jonathan and @derick.

@atria I think the error message has been improved in later versions of the tool, so now it’s clear what the issue is rather than just responding with the status code. The tool has also been renamed to cht-conf to make it clear it belongs to the CHT community as a whole. You can install the latest version from npm.