Unable to login to my local instance as a offline user

I am following this guide to add Area, Contact, and User. All the steps provided here are working well however when I try to log in with the new user’s credentials I get the error:


Could there be a step I’m missing out on? kindly point me to a solution.

Hi @Itskiprotich,
Could you please check if there is any error messages logged in the web browser console? Also, if you are using Google Chrome, could you please try Mozilla Firefox and check if the error persists?

Hi @Itskiprotich!

I also wonder if you were able to load the app in your browser once, but then the server was accidentally shut down? Can you check if the CHT server is still running?

Hi @niraj,

Thank you for the quick response. I have tried with Mozilla firefox and it works!

Hello @mrjones,
I have been progressing well using the default medic account until when I logged out to test the new user account. The server is up and running. Luckily the change of browser seems to be a solution for now. Thanks for the option.

I suspect the loading error in Chrome browser is because of an invalid SSL certificate. Please have a look at this topic.

Do you see similar error in the browser console?