Unable to Access User ? Loading error, please check your connection.?

Hi @durga.tukilogic ,

Could you please add more information on the error? It would be helpful if you can provide steps you did so that we can look into recreating the error. Also, are you using https or http? If you could provide full log of the error in console, it would be helpful too.

Same issue was showing on mine system. I had checked in firebox and it worked there. Issue still exist in chrome browser.

Experienced the same issue when accessing the login on Chrome, but Firefox browser should work just fine.

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This is expected for self hosted SSL certificates - which is what the CHT generates by default.

To avoid this, you can use cht-docker-helper and access your instance through local-ip.


Hello @diana ,
I have encountered the above issue.
I have used cht-docker-helper in configuring my local instance.

Hi @Job_Isabai

Can you please expand the error you are seeing? Also, are you sure you’re accessing the instance via HTTPS and having a valid certificate?
This is a browser limitation, I’m afraid. To register service workers, you need to have a valid SSL certificate.