Trouble in opening the medic mobile android app

i am vijaya
i have downloaded the medic mobile android app in my android mobile from the google play store.but i am not able to open as i am having trouble with username and password .can anyone help with out to get username and password. and i also generated a apk file of the app using the web environment android studio, i have successfully installed the app in my mobile from the generated apk file, but the same trouble with username and password happened again.can you please help me out with this.
thank you

Hi Vijaya,
I hope this answer solves your problem. Please let us know how it goes.


thank you so much binod.

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As we are working for medic mobile android application. We need to add a new module for the questions section.

Im having some doubts regarding to the development process.

  1. Is the questions are coming from database or else they are static questions. If yes then how we can able to add questions ? Is there any portal to add questions? Or else Im having any chance to enter database?

  2. In medic mobile official website I had seen that web application is developed in core Framework and it is converted to mobile android app. Is that true? Or else separate code were developed for both web and android platforms?

  3. If web application is converted to android app. If we made any change on web application it will reflect on android app right?

Hi Vijaya,

To add your own configuration, you need to first set it up in a server. You can do it locally as well.

  1. The questions are coming from the forms that are uploaded to the server. You can add questions, or add new forms, and other components by following these guidelines.
  2. The android app is a native container for the CHT app. You can find the source for both: CHT core and Android app.
  3. You make configuration changes on the server. Both the web-app in your browser and the Android app get the data and configuration changes from the server. So yes, so any changes on the server will be reflected on the Android app too.

If you are logging in as an offline user (user with a role marked as offline), you should be able to use it while offline. It will later sync the data as well as changes in the configuration when you are back online. Offline users can also sync manually by opening the sync window on the top-right ☰ menu of the app and clicking on Sync now .

Online users can only use the app when they are online, in which case all changes get reflected immediately.

You can see the existing roles and add/remove roles in your local configuration from here: https://localhost/admin/#/authorization/roles


Thank you so much for your time binod
We done all the modifications on the web application and I need to reflect it on Android App.

My Questions are,
#How can we reflect the changes on android application which are the modifications that I had done on my local Instance of my web application

can we do modifications directly on android app like add questions and all. I havent found these options on when working with android code. I can see only code for login pages and other layout pages.

Hi Vijaya, just jumping in to give you a quick reply. The changes done on your local instance will be seen by anyone logging into the app, regardless of whether that is from a browser or the Android app.

That means that you don’t need to change anything on the Android app – you just need to log in, and wait for the data to load. You can also force the sync to happen sooner by going to the “Sync now” option from the menu in the top right corner.

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Hi Marc

Good morning

Thank you so much for your quick response

I just want to add some more questions into the application. My doubt is after adding the questions in my local instance , will the questions added in my local instance appears in the Android app ??

Thank you again Marc



vikass-MacBook-Pro:~ vikasrapaka$ docker-compose up
ERROR: dial unix docker.raw.sock: connect: no such file or directory

I am getting the above error can I get help to resolve it

Is docker running? If so, it might be that you need to run sudo docker-compose up

how can i bypass the error 404 after running the docker to install reference application?
could you please help me out to resolve it
it says error 404 nginx . when i am trying to navigate to local host in chrome.

What URL are you using? It is https://localhost ? (note: https, not http).

Note that because the server you’re running is unable to serve a signed certificate some browsers (notable Chrome) will complain about the security of https.

We are working to resolve this, but for now you can use something like ngrok to proxy localhost through their servers (which are signed).