Transferring data from one place to another

I am from a call with a partner and the partner would like to know if on CHT it is possible to move data from one place to another.

  1. A user belonging to District A was mistakenly created in District B. The partner would like to move the user and the data he has collected to District A.

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cht-conf might be useful here with the move-contacts capability.

Run cht move-contacts --help to get usage instructions

If they are offline users, we recommend clearing their data (on their device) after the move and syncing afresh.

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They are offline users,RRTs, cant see the data from one RRT, the one with the wrong hierarchy, which I have now corrected.
Clearing the data before syncing to server means I lose the data collected, which is crucial to the study

I should have been more clear @oyierphil. You should sync user data before doing the move. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing data.

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