Thinking about CHT's community driven support

Hi everyone.

I was thinking about the ways in which CHT empowers CHWs to provide the best care possible in their communities.

That got me thinking, how does the CHW provide community driven support (“bottom-up approach”)? A way for CHWs to inform their supervisors and other relevant stakeholders about something affecting the community / a household.

Typically information, tasks, workflows etc in the CHT flow from program heads / Ministry officials down to the CHW.

A scenario I imagine is a CHW notices there’s sewage leaking into a community water well, leading to illnesses in several households. Is there a way the CHW can use the CHT app to report the incident ?

I’m just curious whether there have been any discussions about such a feature? What do people think about such a feature, is it something that would be considered in-scope or out-of-scope of CHTs functional support ?


The CHT does support some “case” based workflows (ie things not related to a person or a household) and there are some health systems who are using it for Event Based Surveillance which sounds pretty similar to what you are talking about. That said, there’s not much else on the docs site about case based workflows.

I’m curious if there’s anything in particular that would be needed to support the use case you have in mind?


Thank you for the reply Michael. The Event Based Surveillance would work for what I had in mind. Because if the workflow is enabled in the CHT configuration it would allow CHWs to report anything that is of importance to the community’s health.

It’s cool to know the option is there should one need it.

Also, to your question, I don’t have a particular use case that needs extra support. I was just wondering, if there was something to support things not related to a person or a household.

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Great question. I imagine such issues come up in the regular meetings that CHWs have with supervisors etc. But if I understand you correctly the question is how to track these issues and show that they have been addressed - like a digital AOB section during a household visit :slight_smile: . I’m curious to learn how this is currently being addressed conculsively at community level and will circle back when I learn.

Yes, there’s that aspect as well, how to track and know they have been addressed.