Texting Workflow Analysis Question

Hi all,

So, there’s been a lot of work around using automated texting workflows, and I’ve hit upon a problem that I’d like to get this community’s feedback on:

We want to adapt workflows based on new understanding and needs from users. However, if we do that, it would create a new text in the workflow, but we might still want to consider the message to be the same.

For example, if we send out a message saying, “Do you use an ITN?” but users don’t realize that an ITN is an insecticide treated net, we might want to update it to “Do you sleep under an insecticide treated bednet?” This would effectively be a completely new text.

However, the even though the words in the message “Do you use an ITN?” are totally different from “Do you sleep under an insecticide treated bednet?”, we’d want to consider it the same ‘message’. What is the best way to handle this?

Extrapolating this out, what about in the case where we would want to remove a question? How do we preserve this workflow & how do we deal with these changes in subsequent analysis?

Curious as to your thoughts!