Testing scalability of couchDB

I am trying to test the scalability of the couchDB for our new instance.

I started off by following instructions on generating real world data as shown here

Based on the instructions, I created and navigated to the data_directory and ran the command but it gets stuck and does not return any response.


Hi @iesmail !

For your specific error:

DeprecationWarning: The `punycode` module is deprecated. Please use a userland alternative instead.

I believe your version of node is too new. Can you try using v20? The nvm utility can make switching node versions easy if you need help with that.

Hi @mrjones ,

Thanks for the guidance. I followed your recommendation and though I don’t get the warning, the command does not terminate.

Hi @iesmail , Did you modify size-config.json to create larger number of documents? Could it be the case that there were too many records and it was not showing progress? Can you check api logs on the instance after you hit upload-docs, create-users? In API logs, you should see the request and response.

Hi @yuv,

I did not modify the size-config.json. As for the api logs, this is what I am seeing:

Hi @iesmail

Which version of cht-conf are you using?
Also, can you share the contents of data_directory?

I don’t believe this data generator is used, I think it’s a relic of an attempt to enrich scalability tests, which we later abandoned because we decided it was not an avenue which would bring us accurate results.
I believe a new data generator was developed recently, which is maintained and tested: GitHub - medic/test-data-generator: Tool to upload test data into CHT test instances.

Hi @diana, thanks for jumping in.

I am using cht-conf version 3.18.3.

Here’s the content of the data directory.

Can you try running the cht command from data_directory/precondition-data instead of data_directory?

Hi @diana,

It still gets stuck at the same place after I run the command.

I checked the data generation script and it works fine. I also uploaded the data. Can you try upgrading your cht-conf?