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Task "State" for tasks whose endDate is in the past

I’m seeing task documents whose endDate is many weeks ago but whose state is still Ready. Based on the documentation, at a minimum I would have expected the state to be updated every 7 days.

Am I missing something here or does this sound like a bug?

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Tasks are calculated and updated on the client device, so it’s possible those users are no longer active, or haven’t synced, or that the changes haven’t yet replicated to Postgres. If you can find other activity (reports, contacts, tasks) from those users that have been generated after the task should have been updated then it sounds like a bug. Alternatively you could test by contacting one of the users to log in, regenerate their tasks, and sync to CouchDB and see if the state is updated then.

It can also be caused by devices clocks being off.

Gareth’s suggestion about checking other data from the users still applies.

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Got it, thanks. Yeah, I’m seeing some instances where the user has reports submitted after the task end date. I’ll share on Slack and tag a few to make sure I’m looking at this right.