Task could be cancelled after a move contacts?

Hi community and thank you very much for your great support

We’re planning to move several contacts, several families from one chw_area to another, in fact, we need to do some chw_area smaller because population has grown in some chw_areas and we want to divise up in two chw_areas. So some c50_families from the original chw_area will be moved to the new one.

Could we expect that tasks in moved contacts won’t be cancelled and that will be displayed properly ?

All your advices are really appreciated.

Hi @bamatic

It’s not possible to answer your question with complete certainty without knowing everything about your project.

If your moved contacts will belong to a new CHW, then:

  • when the previous owner CHW re-syncs, their tasks will be recalculated. Because they no longer see these contacts, all their old tasks about these contacts will become cancelled
  • when the new owner CHW syncs, the device will generate new tasks for the moved contacts, given that all conditions for those tasks are met.

If your moved contacts belong to the same CHW, and the CHW has access to all necessary documents even after the move, you would expect the existent tasks to not get cancelled.

Please let me know if anything is unclear.

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