Target aggregate showing 'No data'


I have configured my targets to aggregate yet when logged in as a supervisor, the target aggregates show ‘No data’. Could this be an issue with my configuration?

Hi @Esther_Moturi

Target values are stored in target docs. On a CHW’s account these are calculated and updated in real time, but the actual document that gets uploaded to the server - and used as to calculate aggregates in the supervisor’s view - is only uploaded to the server once a day. Specifically, at the start of each day, containing the target values from the day before.

The view you are seeing here implies the CHWs have not uploaded any target documents.
To get targets you’d need to do some target-generating actions on Brenda’s account, forward device time by one day, navigate to the targets page, sync, and then sync and check the data on the supervisor’s account.

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Thanks @diana this works!

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