Taking photos with the CHT

Hi community
We are using in production a form that uses enketo image widget, and in général it is working fine, however we have some cases that we would want to understand.
WIth some android tablets, namely with samsung tab 4 10" android 11, sometimes when users want to take a photo using the image enketo widget the android app crash, but not always. Sometimes they are able to take the pictures other times they are not. We’ve a user who is having issues with the image widget with a samsung s10
With the samsung tab 4 but 7" screen and the same android 11 I’ve been personally taking photos successfully.
We would want to be able to give some advise to our users about the devices that they should not use.
Any ideas ?

It would be really good to see if we can debug the cause of the crash and fix it for everyone. Do you have access to the logs? Is there a user telemetry document with the details of the error? Do you have access to a device so you can reproduce the error?

I’ve had errors with the user payrolltest and a samsung device but the only telemetyr documents that i see in the medic-user-payrolltest-meta database are about a “Techno” device, with this device I do not have issues.
I don’t have the device with me now, and here is late now, but I can get the device for tomorrow.
Could you explain me what could i do with the device to help you debuging this issue ?

Hi @gareth, if you need us to run some tests and give you the results, we are very interested in solving these problems. Thank you

Check out the CHT documentation on debugging in Android, particularly the section on “Android logs”. When the android app crashes you should get a error in the log which will be very helpful in debugging this issue for this specific device.

Sorry about the slow reply!

Here a log of a techno tablet crashing during synchronisation
Users that don’t have taken photos are working without troubles users that have sent data_records with photos are experiencing this trouble
Hope this help

THe issue occurs during synchronisation, when the tablet is not connected to the internet the application works fine, but once syncing start … the android app crash
erasing all cht android app data, solves the problem, since the user is not able to sync, taken photos don’t arise the server so in the next sync afet erasing client data, the user has no photos at all to sync server side nor client side,
when user starts again to take photos syncing crash the tablet again
We’re definitively not able to use the CHT app to take photos so we’ll definitvely remove image type questions from cht forms
We have not seen support for max-pixels orm:max-pixel parameter in the cht, and the cht ignores if we add this manually
We have other cases in some models in which user is unable to take photos, the cht android app crash when taking a pic, but even tablets that are able to take photos crash later in syncing time
We have update to 3.15 to have no photos size limitation, but we have no control on the size of the photo.
Other users, users that are not using photos, do not have syncing troubles so it looks like a client side issue with attached photos of 5MB
Any work around is possible ?