Community Health Toolkit

Support of Medic Mobile in Burundi


I am in Kenya looking to support a Medic Mobile implementation in Burundi. Currently the CHWs collect data of the patients - upload it and then that is it. I do not know where the data goes. Can someone kindly explain to me where the data goes and how we can utilize it for patient care?



Thanks for the question @mack

The data that the CHWs fill and submit in the forms is replicated from their devices (phones or tablets) to a server and stored in CouchDB. From there, you can use cht-couch2pg middleware to replicate the CouchDB databases to a relational PostgreSQL database. With the right queries, you can come up with many different views that can feed into a dashboard platform such as Superset.

See the architecture diagram that details the different pieces of a CHT project. I hope this helps.

Thanks for the information.