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Supervisor CHW Performance Monitoring

I love the progress bar on the counts with goals! I personally do find “2 out of 3” in the side bar a little confusing at first glance, but I think within the context of the view and content panel it becomes clear.


Looking good @Nicole_Orlowski! Really cool to see this shaping up. FWIW, here’s my take on your questions and some additional input:

  1. I think a dynamic sidebar would be really cool, and not to jarring when there are 4 targets. I’d wager that this could be more confusing or annoying if the list of targets runs off the screen, which on a smartphone might be like 6-8 targets? That said, we need to weigh this against the finding from our trial with Muso of sorting the People list–we found that it did increase the likelihood that CHWs would visit households that otherwise would’ve been at the bottom of the alphabet and less visible in their interface. An ideal scenario in my view would be to make dynamic/alphabetical an option in config. If the MVP one just gets one choice, my vote would be for dynamic because the list of targets will tend to be much shorter than the list of tasks or people.

  2. Showing 2 out of 3 seems clear enough to me given the available space. The use of color helps, it’s more noticeable than the number and more clearly communicates, “you should look at this.”

  3. The numbers in the right end of the left hand sidebar, as well as the numbers for each CHW on the right side of the screen both seem too small to me. This may be partly an artifact of me looking at screenshots on the forum rather than actual screens, but I would consider increasing the size or/and contrast for numbers in the left sidebar. Two important points of context here:

  • Our users have a relatively high rate of uncorrected or poorly corrected vision. We see them squinting and we’ve been thanked in the past for increasing size of some text.
  • Our users are often outdoors and they’re looking at the numbers in the glare of the sun, so relatively low contrast grey on white is harder.

Again, I’m not looking at this on a normal screen so if this is consistent with the system elsewhere in the app, it might make sense. Play around with it, trust your judgement, and then we’ll do some user testing once a prototype is ready.


@Nicole_Orlowski thanks for the progress update. I am inclined to the count with goal mockup. I find it simple and easy to interpret. Choice of color is important consideration. We have seen how red, yellow (amber), green have been applied more globally (traffic lights, MUAC tape, etc). Does the choice of color follow a certain global standard?

Just wondering loud, would a supervisor be able to drill down to identify the CHWs who have not met certain goals to, for example, provide supportive supervision? Also, thinking more broadly, is there a chance that a progress metric might be affected by purging?

Good job!

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Hi @simon the supervisor feature being released in v3.9 will allow for viewing of aggregate performance information of CHW’s. Supervisors will be able to see which individual CHWs are contributing to an aggregate metric. That is, who is high and low performing within that metric. We have added a couple of metric views to start and additional targets can be configured. We will need to learn about specific project use cases to configure the right targets for supervisors needs.

Related data is stored in a separate database once a document is submitted, so document purging does not affect metrics tracking.

Thanks @Max this is very helpful.

@ykeita @agigo cela pourrait vous interesser pour l’app superviseur