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Product Roadmap Q2 2020 for CHT Core - Updated for COVID-19 Response

With almost 10 years of building and deploying the CHT Core, many key health strengthening workflows to support CHWs and patients are already supported. “We have been preparing for this moment!” Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the need to stay responsive to project and user requirements.

In the first quarter, we assessed partner and MoH COVID-19 response needs and have updated the product roadmap themes to meet new and urgent challenges. The below roadmap illustrates our focus on supporting partners through scaling the CHT faster, new forms of capacity building, and advancing R&D through increased data sharing with partners and scientific collaborators.

For the 2nd Quarter, we have prioritized the following themes for product initiatives and features scoping, design, and development:

Over the coming months, we will post updates to the product roadmap here, as well as which themes have been prioritized for the quarter. Product version releases and related feature education will continue to be announced in the Product section of the CHT Forum.

Interested in contributing? We are excited for community members to contribute to designing and building the Core Framework. Come join our team to help get meaningful CHT product improvements into more users hands quickly! Contact @Max to learn more.


A couple of updates on Q2 Roadmap progress:

Version 3.9.0 is on track for release in 2 - 3 weeks and includes new supervisor functionality, DHIS2 integration, Event Based Surveillance upgrades, and more.

We have also completed our second round of product re-prioritization for Covid-19 projects response. Development work on v3.10.0 is underway, and includes around 20 features and bug fixes for quick turnaround. In particular:

Interactive messaging improvements

  • APIs and support for RapidPro integrations
  • outbound push improvements
  • gateway issues to strengthen our SMS processing options

App configuration improvements

  • more configurability for replication
  • various medic-conf issues to improve TL experience

We are excited to announce the release of v3.9. New features include DHIS2 integration, supervisor targets, RapidPro integration to enable interactive messaging, case management workflows for event based surveillance, and more.

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