Community Health Toolkit

Strategy behind RDT-Toolkit

I would like to find out more about the FIND funded RDT-toolkit.

Global Health Labs is working on POC/DX solutions, and would like to understand the strategies used to get these solutions into the hands of healthcare workers.

This project seems to be a potential starting point.
Is this an one off effort COVID-19 , or the beginning of a larger strategy to integrate POC/DX (through these development tools) into apps used by the health care community.?
Are there exiting apps planning on adopting this new “interface” (quotes means not sure if that is correct term)

Is there someone at FIND that could provide a bit more information of their mission regarding integration of test data with health information gather in community as wells as clinics?


Hi Jim, I can’t speak to FIND’s strategy directly, but my understanding is that it is part of a larger strategy of getting diagnostic tools into existing workflows for health workers. I’d be happy to make an intro to our contact at FIND who could connect you with the right people to discuss their strategy further.

Could you drop me a line at