Showing Label of the Question instead of the name

Is it possible to show the question labels in the reports instead of the compound names of the variables?

Current state:


Yes, it is possible to add labels to the field names in the report view. I couldn’t find info on this quickly on the docs site, so I’ll explain here and then make sure it’s clearer in the documentation.

To add a custom label to report fields, add a translation label for each field, using the compound variable name that you were seeing. You can see examples of this in the default config, where translation labels in the form report.* are for fields in the report view. By customizing each label, you can shorten it to an appropriate length rather than having the full question displayed.

Hope this helps!


@marc Thanks a lot, it worked!

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That’s great to hear!

We’ve just added this Reports section to the translation documentation to make it clearer — please feel free to suggest or contribute other documentation improvements!