Show/Hide Password using Eye Icon on the login page

Dear all, in one of the UATs CHWs have reccomended enabling of the password eye icon on the password field to enable them determine they are making the right input. This is moreso because the phone screen is small,length and complexity of password as well as other factors like visual challenges. I would love to hear if anyone has tried this on CHT based apps or has a solution to the same. See screenshot below


Thanks @philip … Couple questions for you:

In production…

  1. …will these users see the Log out option* once they log in the first time?
  2. …will users be logging in with username/passwords or will they be using Magic Links?

*This is controlled by the can_log_out_on_android permission

Screenshot 2023-06-05 at 11.20.48 AM

Thanks @Michael for the questions. See responses below

  1. Users will not see the LOG OUT button once they login in for the first time.This is to ensure they are not locked out incase they have logged out but can’t access connectivity at the time of trying to access the app
  2. Login mode- password.

@philip this is a great use case for using magic links. However, this would need setting up a mobile gateway (either phone or aggregator).

Once caveat is that the use magic links is currently broken from Android 12