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Should private=true work also for reports concerning only patients?


Here is my hierarchy
Heath_area (Focal Point) > district_hospital (Supervisor) > Health_center (CHW) > Clinic (Household) > patient

For a Focal Point, I have set detph = 4 and report_depth = 0 because I need access to his children’s contacts and submit an action form from any patient’s contact. Though there is a risk of replicating to many contacts, this is working but the CHW is seeing the FP’s reports for his patients.

I’ve added a private = true on that Focal point’s form but nothing changes. Is private working only when a report concerns a user? If yes, is there a workaround for my case or am I missing something?

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Hi Marina,

Private only works when a report concerns the user or the user’s homeplace.

Thanks Diana.
Is there any proposed workaround to hide patients’ reports submitted by the focal point to the CHWs?

I don’t believe there is a valid workaround.
There is a feature request that could be expanded to cover this: Specialized supervisor roles: add ability to filter replicated needs_signoff reports by form type · Issue #7156 · medic/cht-core · GitHub

One horrible “hack” that you could try is to force an error on the report doc, so it would not be associated to the patient: cht-core/map.js at master · medic/cht-core · GitHub
I wouldn’t recommend to do this in your config, though.

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