Setting up the cht-gateway

Hello folks

I am looking at this doc to set up and configure the cht-gateway , i woul dlike to inquire how to use the downloaded apk to set up the gateway App to communicate with the CHT Instance.

It looks not to be clear on how to install the App on the android device after downloading it on the pc

cc @diana

Hi @cliff

There is some information about side-loading in the docs for the Android app Publishing | Community Health Toolkit . Side-loading should be the same for any type of Android application you may want to install.
I agree that we could provide clearer instructions on how exactly to install gateway, but maybe this is enough to unblock you.

Tagging in @mrjones to discuss the documentation improvement further.

thanks @diana for the information
i had done it the other way(probably similar to one you have shared above),where i have just emailed the releases on my android phone device and then was bale to install the app.

May be there is need for some documentation improvement as you have suggested above, more so for new people to the community


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@cliff - Great to hear that you were able to solve your APK side-loading issue. That said, we’re always looking to improve our documentation and newcomers like you have the freshest eyes to see where we can improve! I’ve opened up a pull request to improve our documentation for the next user facing the same challenges as you.

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thanks @mrjones :+1:

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