September 2023 CHT Round-up call recording and notes

Thank you for your participation, engagement and thoughtful feedback at the September 2023 CHT Round-up call. Below are summarized notes from the call and you can access the Round-up recording here.

Agenda 1- Deploying and scaling a harmonized electronic Community Health Information System in Kenya.

Agenda 2- CHT dialogs updates.
The Care team has been working on updating the CHT dialogs to help improve learnability and scalability of the CHT and also align with material design patterns. So far, about 20 CHT windows have been updated, slight updates and translations have been done on 13 windows to help improve clarity on CHT. These changes are available on CHT v4.4.0 and more details on CHT dialog updates is available here.

Agenda 3. CHT sync updates.
CHT sync is a service that has been built to replace couch2pg and it provides an enhanced way of copying data from CouchDB to Postgres. CHT sync supports data synchronization in almost real time, this makes the information shown on the dashboards to be more reliable and accurate. The Ecosystem team is currently working on deploying CHT sync in production and documenting the process of migration from couch2pg to CHT sync.

Agenda 4- Showcasing of CHT interoperability work.
The Medic Ecosystem team recently showcased how CHT can exchange data with external systems based on the OpenHIE architecture at the OpenHIE network call which was held on September 20, 2023. The call went well and it was great to hear a lot of feedback and questions from OpenHIE and CHT community members. Here is the recording of the call.

Agenda 5 - CHT unified installation process.
The Medic Infrastructure team has worked on a process to simplify the CHT installation process to be a one script running process which helps to improve the CHT installation process, makes it easier to manage multiple docker containers and allows partners to automatically increase capacity on demand. The new installation process allows CHT App Developers to be able to set up k8s clusters using k3s. During the setup process, one is required to specify the node ip addresses, key and user names. Using the new set up process, it is now possible to use add-node-to-cluster script to configure additional nodes to the cluster. To deploy CHT on a multi-node K3s cluster, one needs to specify the nodes, get names of the nodes and use the deploy script to deploy each of the CouchDB nodes.

Agenda 6 CHT v4.3.0 release highlights
CHT v4.3.0 was released on August 18, 2023. This release has the following features:

  • The process of registering clients/patients via SMS has been updated, it is now possible to add a phone number and phone number validation using SMS forms.
  • New API endpoint has been added to monitor request performance, this will allow one to have an overview of how much time it takes for the API to respond to specific requests. These requests are grouped by the path and it is completely public but it doesn’t expose any sensitive information, this has already been included on Watchdog.
  • The downward replication has been reworked to improve performance, scalability and availability. The improvement and impact is mostly on the server, higher availability means it is possible to have replicas of the data available for requesting at the same time and if one of the copies goes down the other copies are still available. This improvement is specifically visible for very large CHT users (users with many documents).

Please read the CHT v4.3.0 release notes for full details.

It was great connecting with you all and we look forward to seeing you at the next CHT Round-up call on October 12, 2023.

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