Sentinel message status checks

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When we where testing out 2wt set-up with rapidpro we found a scenario where by:

when a health sends a message to the patient from CHT ie at 2:00pm , the message status will display pending for less than a minute and then switch to forwarded-to-gateway .

When it displayed forwarded-to-gateway status the patient then received the message on their phone meaning by the time the sms status is finally switched from the forwarded-to-gateway to forwarded-by-gateway the patient has already received sms on their phone like a min back causing a time lag of around 3 mins on how the message states change in CHT.

Couldn’t this because sentinel which periodically checks the message states ?

Is it possible to make sentinel do the checking more oftenly to track the pase ?

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Hi @cliff

This delay is expected because we have a 1 minute timer on checking for message state updates for RapidPro. RapidPro will start rate-limiting if requests are sent very frequently.

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thanks @diana , makes sense

by rate-limiting you mean reducing the the mins time ?

Requesting for some clarification

Rate-limiting means that RapidPro will not respond to valid requests if they are sent too frequently RapidPro Messaging Gateway | Community Health Toolkit.

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thanks @diana for this

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