Self Hosted Letscrypt Certificate Configuration using certbot


Having gone through SSL Cert Installation I would like to find out if it is possible to use certbot and a custom domain to install a Letscrypt certificate

Hey @munjoma, this is possible. However, since containers are stateless ( all installs in them are ephemeral) it may be wise to install certbot on your docker host that way you don’t have to re-install it on container restart. the certificates can be installed in the /srv/settings/medic-core/nginx/private directory with updates made to the nginx.conf file in /srv/settings/medic-core/nginx . You can then restart Nginx with this command inside the container /boot/svc-restart medic-core nginx. Alternatively, you can set up an Nginx proxy at your container host and expose port 80/ 5988 from the container then install certbot and the certificates from there. You then encrypt traffic from the host upwards.

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