Self Hosted CHT - Production Installation instructions and advice


Is there documentation for a Production set up of CHT? I could only find development setup documentation: 1. Development Setup and 2. Easy Deployment - Docker

Is it advisable to go the Docker route for a production instance and what the recommended hardware requirements for an instance supporting around 150 users (I am not sure about the SMS volume yet).

What are the gotchas and things to watch out if one is to self-host CHT?

Do we have hosted CHT providers?

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Hi @munjoma thanks for being an active member of the CHT Community. Here are a few resources to help you move forward with your project:

  1. Brief guides for hosting, maintaining, and monitoring CHT applications
  2. Docker image setup to install tools to download and run the publicly available Docker image for CHT applications. This is what we currently recommend
  3. Local environment setup to build and test CHT applications

We primarily use AWS for hosting, but have worked with other providers as well. You can choose another provider that fits your projects requirements.

Hope this helps to get you started. Please reach out with additional questions. And, feedback on documentation is always welcome!

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Hi @Max,

Thank you very much for your detailed and informative response. We will run on AWS free tier for the pilot project. When I did install CHT on a local machine, there was a message that I needed to plug in a modem before I could send SMS. We are planning to start with medic gateway for SMS sending. Do we need to have a modem plugged into the server to use medic gateway?

Hi @munjoma,
You should not need a separate modem for the SMS gateway to function. This documentation resource may be helpful for initial gateway setup and troubleshooting. If you experience any trouble, let me know, and I will connect you with one of our Tech Leads.

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Hi @Max

Going through the medic gateway documentation is this statement still correct? (v 0.62 and below - recommended if you have a non-medicmobile hosted instance)

  1. its a very old version
  2. it gives me the app or dev option as part of the URL
    (I only tried it because I thought it might work with a self signed certificate, since I am getting a certificate error with the latest version. Note: I have not properly set up a valid SSL certificate on our self-hosted server
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Hi @ashish can you help with @munjoma ’ s question re gateway setup?

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Hi @ashish,

I have managed to install a Letsencrypt SSL certificate on my server with an overall rating of B and still getting an “SSL connection failed” error.

On the server-side, medi-conf is only working with the “accept self-signed certificate flag” its also giving an SSL error.

Does the SSL rating need to be A?

cc @nyika

@munjoma it appears that your certificate is valid albeit with a miss configured chain. This is the chain it should be using. medic-conf will only function once you have the correct chain.

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