Selecting "customized list" of CHVs to perform a task or to show certain targets to

If one has a list of CHVs and want only for those CHVs to show a certain tasks or to have them see certain targets, how can it be done in CHT?

Our scenario involves taking the reports submitted by these CHVs each month and run them in an algorithm in a computer outside the CHT environment. Then, for each CHV have a customized feedback and be able to display that feedback inside the Targets UI in CHT app. Is there a way of accomplishing this?

Two approaches which comes to mind so far

  1. Include the static JavaScript file which contains all the feedback data in our configuration, and then do a release each month and have the CHVs do the updates. (This we feel is not ideal solution since it will involve unnecessary updates to many CHVs who are not selected.)

  2. Have a custom form/reports from the back-end, then feed it to couchdb directly and have the CHV sync the data, then be able to access it from the nools functions in our targets code. (This we have not yet tried out, and we do not know yet even if it will work, though we intend to try it. )

Is there a better way of accomplishing this?

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Hi @nKataraia .

I’ve love to learn more about your use case.

From what you describe, the second option sounds ideal to me. Essentially there’s a new form for capturing feedback, and when that is submitted it’s replicated to the target user, and is accessible to your nools configuration. This could either be done by a supervisor submitting the feedback form through the UI, or using an API (eg: the records api).

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