Seeking Technical Advice: One-to-Many Association

We are currently implementing a supervisor config and require technical assistance with an association challenge.
In our supervisor workflow, supervisors must oversee multiple community units or health facilities concurrently. However, we’ve encountered a technical limitation due to the one-to-one association between a contact (supervisor) and a place (health facility or community unit) enforced by the core’s data model.

Our objective is to extend this one-to-one association to establish a one-to-many relationship between supervisors and health facilities.If you have encountered a similar use case or have suggestions on possible workarounds, we would greatly appreciate your insights and expertise.

Any technical advice, or recommendations on approaching this to support a one-to-many association would be invaluable.

Thank you for your time and support. We eagerly await your suggestions and ideas.

Hi @gk0harris,

If a supervisor has to oversee multiple health facilities, you can define the one-to-many relationship between a supervisor and health facilities. For that, you can create a separate hierarchy level for the supervisor, let’s call it Supervisor Area, and place it above the Health Facility level.

Please have a look at this documentation on Configurable Hierarchies:

Here is one example configuration where the configurable hierarchy is being used:

Please let us know if you need more help on defining the hierarchy.


Hi @binod
Thank you for your suggestion! The idea of creating a separate hierarchy level called “Supervisor Area” and placing it above the “Health Facility” level aligns perfectly with our goals.
Based on your suggestion, we have taken action and reorganized the hierarchy as follows:
CHW Supervisor Area A
Health Facility 1
CHW Area A
CHW Area B
CHW Area C
Health Facility 2
CHW Area D
CHW Area E
CHW Area F

This hierarchy model exactly addresses the need for a supervisor to oversee multiple health facilities efficiently.

Once again, thank you!