Robust CHT android automatic update delivery


One of our deployments is upgrading from CHT android version 0.8 to version 1. The upgraded APK was published to the Google Playstore and after 5 months, some of the CHWs still had not yet upgraded. Upon investigation, we discovered that CHWs were logged out of their Google accounts on the device presumably due to lack of use. This was causing automatic updates for CHT not to be resolved and is likely to be a recurring issue.

Workarounds we’ve considered:

  1. Issuing CHWs with device accounts which have extended autologout period allowance.

  2. Alternative android distribution channels that can be customized to deployment needs.

  3. Sideloading APKs

It would be great to hear from community members how they’ve managed to deliver CHT android updates or any ideas to circumvent the challenges experienced.