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Resource: Designing for and with girls

“Designing for and with Girls” is a book about creating reproductive health services tailored to adolescent girls by From their website:

For adolescents, the journey to accessing reproductive health services can be complex and awash with barriers. To meet these challenges, employs a human-centered design approach to understand the context in which girls live and co-create solutions with them. By partnering with leading sexual and reproductive health organizations across Sub-Saharan Africa, we’ve unlocked innovative new ways to keep girls at the center of programs. This book captures real-life stories, tools, and perspectives that can help guide practitioners in creating services tailored to adolescent girls.

You can download the book as a free PDF here:


This is such a great resource, Francesca! IDEO is a wonderful place to access resources on human centered design and user involvement. Interested to hear what others in the community find useful about their resources.

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Agreed, @helenelizabeth! I was especially struck by the core needs IDEO outlined, which feel applicable to so many contexts (including creating an open source community)!

  • Relevance: Lead with what matters to her
  • Acceptance: Build support for [the initiative] among the people in her life
  • Confidence: Help her understand her options
  • Guidance: Equip providers to support her journey
  • Access: Ensure services respond to her needs and lifestyle

Source: “Designing for and with Girls” by IDEO