Reproducing Forms from the Death Report

With the standard death report form, the contact object receives the attribute “date_of_death” (see screenshot of base_settings.json) which can then be accessed to disable other forms for instance. Is it possible to modify the death report form for other purposes, for instance a withdrawal of a contact? If yes, how would the attribute be added to the contact?

If not possible, could one somehow rename the “deceased” label in the user interface of the CHT app? Currently all contacts with a submitted death report appear listed in the deceased list in a household.


Hi @cht-user

Currently, death_reporting does exactly what you’ve described: adds a date_of_death property on the contact, which is recognized by the frontend: it adds the deceased label and shows the contact in the deceased list.
That’s the whole extent of death_reporting.

You could opt for changing translations for “Deceased” to better suit your use-case: cht-core/ at master · medic/cht-core · GitHub

Could you please elaborate on the workflow you were going for? What do you want to replace “deceased” with? Could muting be a better option for you?

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Hi diana,

thanks for the answer. Our workflow would be to deactivate contacts when they leave a village or withdraw from the study. For this we would want to achieve the same effect as the death report, just with the difference that the label “deceased” should be changed.
However, I could not locate the translations file in the link (folder “resources/translations” in “api” does not exist). Is this file already in version 3.17?

Our other option for our purpose would be to use seperate forms for each scenario (move out & withdrawal) which then deactivate all tasks until a respective undo form is submitted. Of course this solution isn’t as elegant as the modified death report.

Oh, sorry for the confusion around translations, I had assumed you were already familiar with methods of changing translations, and I just indicated the keys that need to be changed.

This should cover directions on how to change translations: translations/ | Community Health Toolkit

The labels can be changed entirely with translations, if the rest of the workflow is suitable. I suggest you also look into muting, if you conclude that death_reporting is unfitting.

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No worries! I just tried this solution and it works perfectly, thank you for your help!

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