Reports sent in future date

Hello community
Testing tasks I change system clock to future dates. So I send, connected with differents accounts, some reports.
When I return to the present, And connected as CHW, I get in the report list , some reports in the future, some of them in 5 monts, in two months, in 13 days etc, connected as PM, I get the same reports, but connected as a supervisor I do not get these reports, I only get reports that are into the 15 next days in the future, connected as a tb_focal_point I have the same behavior as a supervisor.

In our hierarchy we have c50_family → c40_chw_area → c30_supervisor_area → c20_health_area → c10_site
patients belong to c50_family , and sent reports are all about patients, CHW belong to c40_chw_area, supervisors to c30_supervisor_area and tb_focal_points to c20_health_area

I know that replication_depth is set to 1 for supervisors and also for the tb_focal_point role

does anyone know why reports sent in a future date that is over the 15th day are not visible for supervisor and tb_focal_point ?
does this behavior have any relations with replication_depth=1 ??

Hi @bamatic

With a replication_depth=1, your supervisor will only see contacts and reports directly under their home place. Are the reports you are missing about persons that belong to the c10_site place?

Hi @diana
Yes they are at the same c10_site

With a replication depth of 1, your supervisor is not expected to see those reports.
The supervisor will only see reports from c30_supervisor_area and c20_health_area