Replicate reports regardless of contact replication count (replication depth)

We have a need to replicate reports for our DHO and OTL roles, both of which are are the topmost levels of the hierarchy (NPO, Team Area respectively).

We’ve tried tweaking the replication depth as follows:

"replication_depth": [
    { "role": "dho", "depth": 1, "report_depth": 6 },
    { "role": "team_lead", "depth": 1, "report_depth": 5 }

We’re not really interested in the hierarchy data, rather only the reports captured on our households and household members a few levels down.
Unfortunately the above does not seem to have the desired effect.

Is there a mechanism/config, apart from purging, that could facilitate this?
Would removing the permission to SEE the contact tab no longer pull contact related data?

We’re trying a few different angles as currently we’re getting timeouts when trying to replicate info downwards to these user types.
The problem is also related to this thread:

What a terrible day not to read :smiling_face_with_tear:.

Supervisor signoff
Some reports need to be signed off by a supervisor even though that supervisor doesn’t have the depth to see the patient the report is about. To achieve this the report needs a field named needs_signoff with a value of true.

This might satisfy that use case, although it will only be for reports going forward.

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