Community Health Toolkit

Reimagining the CHW Experience for Learning and Care During COVID

We are excited to share an update on an ongoing collaboration between the Community Health Academy at Last Mile Health, Medic Mobile, and Digital Campus that seeks to reimagine the CHW experience for remote learning and care during COVID-19.

Together we are designing an integrated care delivery and educational toolkit that addresses the pressing need for a remote onboarding and training platform for frontline workers.

This product aims to leverage the remote onboarding, task & scheduling, and dashboard features of the CHT Core Framework with the open-access, multimedia educational content from the Academy’s COVID-19 learning library that can be deployed both (i) within the CHT core and (ii) via integration with OppiaMobile to provide a seamless online & offline experience for CHWs and their supervisors.

Here you can find a working slide deck that includes a summary of the current and planned product features and capabilities, workflow overviews, an illustrative user journey, and a demo video of an ‘Introduction to COVID-19’ module currently built in the CHT core.

This platform is still in development, and we would love to hear your initial responses, thoughts, and questions, so we can improve the product and overall user experience together. In particular, we’d love to hear how you might use an integrated, remote training platform like this?

Current Product Priorities

  • Address the need for remote digital training that integrates learning with care
  • Link frontline healthcare workers with Ministry approved care protocols and guidelines
  • Enable government-led platforms for new digital tools without relying on face-to-face training

Current Product Opportunities

  • Deploy Academy content in CHT-powered apps or/and via Oppia integration based on customized needs
  • Assess the feasibility & acceptability of deploying an integrated care delivery and educational platform for multiple service delivery areas, e.g., RMNCH, NCDs, mental health
  • Further investment in using digital training to streamline app onboarding, version upgrades, initiation of new services, and ongoing workforce management
  • Generate evidence on digital tools for remote onboarding, learning, and care delivery

A discussion on technical considerations for customizing and integrating the CHT core and OppiaMobile learning platform can also be found here on the OppiaMobile Community discussion board.

We look forward to a similarly open and participatory conversation and iterative design processes here, as we work together to create an integrated, open-source Community Health Toolkit with targeted COVID-19 learning experiences, as a global public good.


Shout out to @Nicole_Orlowski , who just gave a great presentation about this work at the Global Digital Health Forum! If you’re registered for the forum and want to look back at the recording, the title of the panel was "COVID-19 Toolkits for Frontline Health Workers."

Thank you @julieodette Mike Bailey, Magnus Conteh, @irene Manuel Loistl, @alex and of course @David_Citrin for making this all happen. Really excited to see our first implementations go forward, and to keep learning with the Community Health Academy, Digital Medic, UNICEF and others.


Amazing work, team! Especially @Nicole_Orlowski :dizzy: