Received and forwarded messages

Hello @diana

I have been using this api end point to try and get a hold of both outgoing and incoming messages in the messages tab ie

though am only getting back the ones forwarded by the gateway , do you know of a way to retrieve all the message documents only from the system ?..

i have tried out curl https://medic:password@xxxxxxx/medic/_all_docs?include_docs=true but it lists all the documents from the system

also here the this is new content message is received in CHT but when you check inside the medic-client document in the DB under data_records_by_type you don’t see the info

Hi @cliff

The Messages tab uses a view _design/medic-client/_view/messages_by_contact_date to retrieve all messages that are displayed:


Can you please try using this?
Just to mention, you’re going to have to do the parsing of the results yourself, sorry about that.

I’m classifying this as a bug: Export messages does not export incoming messages · Issue #8312 · medic/cht-core · GitHub

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