RDS version compatibility

Hi there,

I have a question, we are having an RDS to save the data from the APP and it was PostgreSQL version 15.6.
But, when we are trying to engineered the data, it seems it was loading slow and slower based on its query creation.

What is the compatible RDS version for the Medic App to run smoothly even on the data side ?


Hi @Marcelo_De_Guzman !

Thanks for the question.

To confirm, you’re using Amazon’s RDS service as a replacement for Postgres when syncing couch2pg data from a CHT Core instance?

Not really as replacement but another storage for doing some manipulations from what we get from couch2pg data.

So it was like this

APPLICATION > Couch2pg > RDS > connect to an database IDE and manipulate data > (we do also creating a customize dashboard for donors to see the impact of using the application)

So, when we are between RDS > connect to an database IDE, and do manipulate the data, it takes time to load to get the result.

Gotcha - thanks for the clarification.

So the data is getting into RDS fine from couch2pg, but as you’re developing your dashboards in the Database IDE, that’s where things slow down? Are you creating materialized views that are taking a while to run?

I believe the team working on CHT Sync has experimented with RDS. @njuguna are you able to comment on @Marcelo_De_Guzman question? Any CHT Core specific learnings you have you’d liek to share?

Hi @mrjones ,

Yes, we are creating the materialized views. Actually it was a part on the setup on our RDS.

When there was an abnormal syncing on the data from the couch2pg to RDS, one of the error is the materialized view. But now it was okay.

So, on this one we want to know if there was a possibility to increase the speed when querying data?


Thanks for the clarification @Marcelo_De_Guzman ! For sure @njuguna will be your go to here.

Otherwise, from a high-level, as RDS is just a cloud version of Postgres, it should be fully compatible. Out of curiosity, what database version are you running on RDS?

Hello @Marcelo_De_Guzman like @mrjones mentioned RDS should be fully compatible and the fact that data is getting into the database is a good sign. As for the slowness in querying it would be hard to debug the issue without actually seeing the queries. I would suggest using explain to get some insight into the queries that are taking long. I found this nice article that explains how to use it.