QR code support in forms and contact summaries

Your Organization: Visortech Solutions

Organization Type: Technical

What Other Organizations Would Benefit From This Feature:
Potentially benefit organisations who would want to lightly integrate with the CHT

Describe the Feature:
As a user with an existing technology solution in my service delivery setup, being able to still use the CHT for advanced data collection and have that data available to other systems in a more efficient way in offline setups and where light weight integration is the only available option - This feature could facilitate the ease of transfer of unique identification and necessary information for next service delivery steps leveraging other systems.

What “Pain Point” Does The Proposed Feature Address:
Alleviating the challenge of building integrations

Proposed Solution:
CHT to support generation of QR codes within the forms based on the various responses/values in the form or arbitrary entries to the particular QR section. This functionality to extend to Contact summaries to facilitate generation of these codes from a larger context of forms and contacts .

Do You Have Funding Available:
No funding available

Do You Have Resources (Designers, Developers, PMs) Available: Yes

Links To Supporting Information / Uploads: [feature specs or designs, examples of similar features etc]


Hi @vchelule,
Welcome back to the Community and thanks for the request. A few follow-up questions:

  1. Can you elaborate on the user type and scenario a bit further?

  2. We could potentially generate QR codes offline, locally through android or a web extension. Would either of these be a better match for the user?

  3. Would the data be returned to the CHT? In the scenario you’ve outlined, data would exist in two (or more) places and presumably could be modified in either. If the concept is to eventually return data to the CHT, we’d need to address potential database conflicts. Any thoughts on how we would identify the data “source of truth”?

  4. Following on # 3, would data potentially be returned to the CHT from different sources (ie sms, xml, 3rd party integration). If so, we’d need to think through how to combine records from multiple transport types. Briefly considered here - feel free to add to the issue

Please let me know your thoughts, and we can continue to build this request out for prioritization.

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