Community Health Toolkit

Q3 2021 impact + project highlights from Medic ⭐️

Excited to share Medic’s Q3 2021 impact report, and we invite you to check out the awesome work and collaborations happening in every corner of this community. A few highlights:

  • In Q3, the CHT supported 5.76 million caring activities. By the end of September, there were more than 39,500 health workers using the CHT, with nearly 1,800 new CHT users trained by partners.
  • @simon and @antony co-authored a robust case study with partners from Palladium + CHS exploring the impact of AfyaSTAT in Kenya + the partnership’s path forward.
  • @samuel authored a launch post announcing Medic’s official partnership with OpenHIE.
  • @Jennifer_Quesada, with support from @mrjones, wrote a blog post exploring the new COVID-19 RDT reference app.
  • @mourice shared an update on the research team’s work to improve geospatial data accuracy.

And much more! Big thanks to everyone for their work + contributions in Q3. :rocket: Please reply below with any questions or feedback! :arrow_heading_down:

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