Prototyping a fully offline CHT Server environment

@andrineM - great to hear that you were able to connect with a different phone! This shows that everything should be working, but for some reason it’s not for your two phones (Samsung A71 and Sumsung A30)

Let’s try removing your custom offline deployment from our testing to see if it’s something to do with the phones specifically. On the two problem phones, can you please try:

  1. Uninstall the “Medic Mobile” Android App and re-install it from the Play Store
  2. Launch the app
  3. Click “Custom” to enter a new URL
  4. Enter is a public test instance. You won’t be able to login, but you can see if the URL works which is what we care about now. Be sure not to click the existing link for this instance as we want to try and reproduce the error of entering your custom URL.

If you have problems with that URL, then it is a problem with either the phone itself or our Android app - either way great to know. Then we can open a ticket on the Android Medic repo to track the issue separately.

@mrjones Am able to access the instance above .We also have an online instance which am able to access and login from the two Samsung phones. Only issue I experience is when accessing

@andrineM - I’m so sorry you’re still having issues with the Samsung A71 and Sumsung A30 phones - you must find this really frustrating! Thanks for your patience.

Can you confirm this accurately describes the issue you’re facing?

Title: “unable to contact server” error on self hosted CHT
Description: On a Samsung A71 or Sumsung A30 running Android 10, we can not access our CHT instance running in Docker. Using the unbranded app, we get a “unable to contact server” error.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install the CHT using docker-compose and a local only DNS entry and * TLS certs per this forum post.
  2. Using a Samsung A71 or Sumsung A30 phone, download the unbranded 0.8.0 Android app from the Play Store
  3. Connect to the LAN where the CHT is hosted
  4. In the app, enter the URL

Expected: The app connects to the CHT instace
Actual: The app shows a “unable to contact server” error and doesn’t connect

Related: Going to in a browser on either phone works. Going to on a desktop on the same LAN works. Using the test instance in the app and the phones’ browser works.

@mrjones I confirm. The above is the correct description of the issue.

@andrineM - Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

Thank you for confirming the above is correct. I’ve filed a ticket to track this issue. Hopefully we’ll be able to get further in solving it.

@andrineM - I wanted to double check: can you confirm which version of the Android APK you’re running on the Samsung A71 and Sumsung A30? For example, I can see in this screenshot of my app that I’m running v0.8.0-webview:

@mrjones Am on Android 11 on both

@mrjones Allow me to thank you and the CHT team for the support accorded to Palladium Kenya (KeHMIS 3 Project) as we run the prototype for the deployment of CHT on both online and offline environments. Below please see the progress that we have made.

  • Under the leadership of @ojwangantony from our development team, enockrugut has managed to further automated the process of setting up and configuring both pihole and CHT. This has made deployment a seamless process and we are now ready to carryout a mass rollout in our facilities.

  • Lavatsaleo has also worked closely with AbdulhakimRajab in testing out the scripts and giving feedback from our pilot facilities.

We look forward to further collaborations with the community. We shall continuously offer feedback and support. Thank you


@andrineM - what a wonderful update to read after a good long while - thank you!

If there’s any of your work that is open source, or if you’ve published a more detailed write up of some the automaton work, it would be wonderful to see. Please share if possible!

Otherwise, best of luck with the scale-up!