Community Health Toolkit

Product Roadmap Q3 2020 for CHT Core

The below product roadmap illustrates our focus on improving the CHT’s scalability and advancing R&D through increased data sharing with partners and scientific collaborators.

For the 3rd Quarter, we have prioritized the following themes for product initiatives, features scoping, design, and development:

  • Remote user onboarding - execution on planning completed in Q2
  • CHW performance monitoring - configurable targets for Supervisors
  • Predictive algorithms - patient health risk scoring and User Interface improvements
  • Front end framework- upgrade to Angular latest
  • Standardization of data - indicators and workflow improvements for analytics

Product prioritization is revisited monthly to make sure the most pressing challenges are being tackled first. We are continuing to engage with partners frequently to stay responsive to COVID-19.

Share your thoughts on this quarters roadmap with the wider CHT community below. Or request a feature for future consideration.


A few updates on the Q3-2020 roadmap related to the recent v3.10 release:

  • Remote user login is now available. This makes it possible for an admin to create a new user profile, and send a user their credentials via SMS to access their instance directly.
  • Improved geolocation support to standardize and improve user location data. Complete documentation forthcoming (see the GitHub issue for detail)
  • Updated and configurable data privacy policy for adherence to Google Play store and local deployment requirements. The policy language can be edited as needed.
  • Improved report data replication depth for better workflow configurability. This allows for more robust management of data information flows within a hierarchy.