Product Roadmap for Q1 2020

We are excited to share the Q1 2020 product roadmap for the Core Framework. It is informed by our conversations with the CHT community, including health workers, ministries of health, partners, and teammates. We hope that you will contribute by sharing your thoughts in this thread or in the design and development forum discussions as they happen.

Here is a detailed summary of the areas where we’re focusing our product efforts this quarter:

Enhancing the user experience and app performance for community health workers
A variety of user interface and impact improvements to help CHW’s provide day-to-day community health services more efficiently and effectively:

  • Enhancing tasks to clarify completion windows
  • Variability of targets based on area
  • Streamlining overall app performance to reduce lag time and phone storage usage

Improving the supervision and administration of community health programs
Features and integrations for augmenting CHW program administration to enable better support and reporting:

  • Enabling monitoring of CHW performance to provide better field and district-level support
  • Furthering DHIS2 integration for compiling aggregate reports that can be sent to government health management information systems
  • Removing current SMS bottlenecks through continued gateway upgrades

Making it easier to build and deploy digital health apps
A range of improvements to make it easier to build the Core Framework and manage deployments of apps:

  • Improving debugging of forms
  • Making app settings more modular
  • Configuring of a whitelabeling branding option for partners
  • Enabling users to have multiple roles
  • Developing a broader strategy for interoperability with complementary tools, and a space for developers to build and experiment with these connections

Deepening the data-centric approach to providing quality care
Data analytics improvements for offering more actionable guidance to community health workers and supervisors:

  • Increasing consistency of data quality for current and historical users and patients
  • Assessing available data to inform further requirements for app performance and user analytics buildout
  • Implementing of data science models through semi-automated translation of python objects/methods to javacript

Empowering systems and engineering contributions scalability
Architecture and infrastructure improvements to make the core framework more scalable and easier to contribute code:

  • Enabling monitoring of more metrics, exposing endpoints and documentation to make monitoring more accessible
  • A range of UI performance gains for more efficient web app building
  • Improving infrastructure that can be used in development, QA, CI, production and internal testing
  • Automating release testing to improve the reliability of our releases

For the full list of product improvements planned and links to related GitHub issues, check out the Q1-2020 product roadmap​. We are excited for community members to contribute to designing and building the Core Framework. Please join the discussion for any or all of these topics in this thread, the design and development sections of this forum, or GitHub.


The /product-initiatives/ links in the roadmap lead to 404, did the navigation change or is that section hidden from public view?

Hi Mike, Thanks for reaching out. We are currently updating our mgmt systems/processes and the product initiatives are in a private repo for now. If you have specific initiatives that you are interested in viewing, I can share documents. Please let me know.