Community Health Toolkit

Product design exploration: Task sorting and grouping

We’ve heard from CHWs that they would find it useful to have their tasks organized by area or household, so that they may prioritize other tasks nearby.

We are proposing two options that may solve this design problem:

  1. The ability to choose between sorting options where CHWs may view their tasks in the order they are due, or grouped by household alphabetically. This could potentially also solve for the open issue of sorting tasks by priority.

  1. Adding an interstitial page after completing a task with a list of other tasks within the same household (or relevant grouping). This could potentially also solve for chaining forms.

I’m hoping to get any feedback, specifically answers to:

  • Which of these two options do you prefer?
  • Would you change anything to improve these designs?
  • Would you upgrade your CHT app for this feature?