Platform Migrattion


I had my initial set up done on Windows 11. The set up had the default language set to English and the second language was Swahili. The system was operational until I pushed to git and cloned it on Kali Linux.

The language changed automatically to Bambara. The default language on the settings remains English, but the display language is Bambara, anyone who has experienced this issue before?

Hi @Wycliffe_Owuor

The language is selected when you login in the app, on the login page there’s a section that displays languages. The system will attempt to detect the right language for your browser and automatically select that.
You can switch your display language at any time, thought the app UI: Open the top hamburger menu → User settings → Edit user profile and select a different language.

Can you please try logging into a different browser and checking which language is automatically selected on the login page?


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