"Our Open Source Software Obsession is Unhealthy in Digital Development"

Have folks seen this? Would be curious on others’ takes

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I think it is a good conversation to have periodically so that we don’t lose sight of the goal over time and with oversimplification. The article and comments contain some good points, and I agree that open source and proprietary software are not antithetical to each other. That said, I don’t think it means that proprietary software is well suited to all situations.

Instead of focusing on proprietary vs open source, I think the focus (or “obsession” as the author puts it) should be on how complex, multi-year deployments of software are owned, managed, and sustained over time. I think that it is better served by strong open source software, standards, and communities. It is not foolproof, but I believe it is what we should be working towards.

I’m curious to hear how others see it too!