Node js version

Am David from PoshIT Limited
Does the toolkit support other versions of node Js other than version 12 as prescribed on the documentation?

Hi @David_Kiragu - welcome to the CHT Forums!

What are you up to with Node.js and the CHT? It’s always good to get some specific use cases to ensure we’re giving helpful advice and appreciate the challenges folks are facing.

Otherwise, for CHT 4.x development, you’re likely fine running any LTS release up to 18. We use 16 in CHT 4.x currently, but it’s not actually required to host the CHT as Docker abstracts this away.

Thank you @mrjones.
That answer my question.
I wanted to know the correct node js version to run CHT

Great, I’m glad that answered your question. As you proceed to use the CHT more, let us know if you have any other questions - cheers.

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