Nginx error 404 on digital ocean but works on local machine

I have followed this process Docker Image Setup which works in local machine but fails on digital ocean droplet.

Hi @Julius_Karanja - welcome to the forums! Thanks a bunch for posting your question - let’s try and help you!

Our docker containers can sometimes get stuck when they’re booting up, especially the first time. Can you try restarting both containers with this command?

docker restart medic-os haproxy

If you called docker-compose with the detached flag (-d), just connect with another SSH session to keep the docker-compose command running. The restart should hopefully get the CHT instance working.

Feel free to run the restart command more than once after waiting a few minutes if it fails the first time. That said - do be patient between reboots! Sometimes it takes a moment to boot up the containers and load all the data.

(Separately, the 404 is likely not accurate and it’s probably a 502. But don’t worry about this now!)

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@mrjones Thank you for quick response. After restart (docker restart medic-os haproxy) it now works.

@Julius_Karanja - wonderful! Glad that was an easy fix.

Let us know if we can help out with any further issues - we’re here for you!

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