Community Health Toolkit

New Product Documentation Site Launch!

We are thrilled to announce the release of the new CHT Documentation site! Documentation is a key way that our community learns about CHT product features and functionality, and we are excited to have this new site up live. This site is the culmination of many months of work in the documentation squad - including Community volunteer contributors @dguo and @riyasingh. It is also a product of diligent attention by many teammates who contributed since the first commit early in 2013!

Why We Took on the Project

The CHT is a global public good and Community of people advancing global health equity. The launch of the new documentation site makes it faster to learn about the CHT and create apps by providing a foundation of knowledge and technical resources on which Community members can build.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the need for partners to operate more independently to deploy and use the CHT to its full potential. Enabling project partners to set-up, launch, and maintain the CHT with reduced support from Medic Mobile is important to providing greater autonomy. The new documentation site enables partners to quickly navigate to the product content that is most relevant to help solve the challenge being experienced at the moment.

How the Content is Organized

CHT Applications
If you’re an end-user of the CHT and are interested in learning about the features and functionality of CHT apps, this is the place to start. It includes comprehensive reference materials useful for gaining insight into what features and configuration options are available. There are also a growing collection of guides and tutorials for deploying digital health apps.

CHT Core Framework
If you’re an app developer and want to modify the Core Framework’s code base, this is the place to start. It provides an overview and reference for development of the Core Framework, as well as technical guides for additional instruction.

Design System
If you’re an app designer or developer and want an overview of user personas, notes on the icon library, and configuration best practices, this is the place to start. These materials include more detail than you will need when you’re just beginning to explore the CHT, but they become increasingly helpful when designing community health apps for scalability and consistent user experience.

There are a number of ways to contribute to the Community Health Toolkit. This section provides detailed workflow management processes and style guides for documentation and developer contributors.

What’s Next

With each product version release, documentation will be updated to reflect improvements to the CHT. Please return regularly to see what new features and functionality for the CHT are available.

Additionally, over the coming months, we will be continuing to envision and buildout a catalog of tutorials for partner capacity building. They will include best practices on functional implementation of a feature (or group of features), care workflows, and system configuration to assist users in completing specific objectives.

Contributors Welcome

Documentation is an important aspect to creating a thriving open source community. The CHT community welcomes first-time contributors and experts alike. All comments, questions, and ideas are welcome!