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New Book Chapter in Training for Community Health: Bridging the global healthcare gap

@beatrice and I have been working on a book chapter on CHW training and supervision, and I’m excited to share that it has just been published by Oxford University Press! This is chapter 5 in the book Training for Community Health: Bridging the global healthcare gap. It was lovely working with the colleagues who edited the book, and some of the other chapters look super interesting.

I’d say our chapter’s main contribution is the idea that ongoing face-to-face supervision is no less important a means of training than using digital tools to deliver training material. We made this argument by offering a detailed, human-centered view into what it takes to design systems that support good ongoing supervision. This book chapter also provided a chance to feature the Medic team’s work in partnership with the Ministry of Health in Nepal.

It was extremely challenging to find time to finish this chapter with the covid workload ongoing and I’m honestly kind of amazed that we finished it at all :sweat_smile:. Big congrats to @Beatrice for leading the way and really making this happen :partying_face: :raised_hands:


I am looking forward to reading the book to see how CHW training has changed. Hopefully, it has changed for the better and includes digital health tools for consistent care delivery. Congratulations on the chapter.


So great to see this chapter from @beatrice and @isaacholeman published! I’m excited to hear thoughts from our collaborators and community members on how to continue thinking through best practices in face-to-face supervision supported by digital tools. I’m sure folks will have ideas and reactions to the chapter that will help us improve our work supporting community health systems!