Muting a parent of a muted contact

Hi community, I need your help to better undestand muting in the CHT
I’ve a c50_family muted in 2024-04-13; his parent, a c40_chw_area is muted later, the 2024-04-17, I get that the c50_family.muted is 2024-04-17, so a muted family has been muted again
Does this make sense ?
Won’t be a more reasonable that the transition would keep in account the current state of the family and if the family is already muted and it receives another mute from the parent, to keep it muted from the former date ?

Hi @bamatic

I think this is how muting is intended to work. Could you please share the muting history of this contact, so I can get an idea of the actions that have edited it?