Mute unmute forms missing from mute unmute history

We have some cases in wich a mute or unmute form submission is not in the mute_history of the place being muted/unmuted, here, for the chw_area_name we have

Row op form_uuid reported chw_area_uuid
1 mute_chw_area 9a2b669a-bbbe-4c61-897f-605976f21e07 2021-05-31 16:51:36 UTC 012431eb-0f3f-416f-9b53-386cdc4bdec1
2 mute_chw_area 65a60505-5ed6-4037-bd2e-26c3fda4a22e 2021-10-20 05:43:38 UTC 012431eb-0f3f-416f-9b53-386cdc4bdec1
3 unmute_chw_area 1bcbd451-193b-45eb-b669-ed6eabd1d8cf 2021-12-14 17:48:47 UTC 012431eb-0f3f-416f-9b53-386cdc4bdec1
4 mute_chw_area b4ee2a4a-6fc0-4ccb-9875-378ffbdba75a 2023-01-10 13:36:10 UTC 012431eb-0f3f-416f-9b53-386cdc4bdec1

in the place objetc we have;

_id: "012431eb-0f3f-416f-9b53-386cdc4bdec1",
_rev: "24-db097c4f90bbcfa02fa37acc5e3048a9",
muting_history: {
server_side: {
muted: true,
date: "2023-01-10T14:17:24.948Z"
client_side: [
muted: true,
date: "2021-10-20T05:43:38.707Z",
report_id: "65a60505-5ed6-4037-bd2e-26c3fda4a22e"
muted: false,
date: "2021-12-14T17:49:02.510Z",
report_id: "1bcbd451-193b-45eb-b669-ed6eabd1d8cf"
muted: true,
date: "2023-01-10T13:36:10.302Z",
report_id: "b4ee2a4a-6fc0-4ccb-9875-378ffbdba75a"
last_update: "server_side"
old_type: "health_center",
contact_type: "c40_chw_area",
muted: "2023-01-10T14:17:24.948Z"

could we say that the first mute form haven’t had any effect ?
we have other sites with no muted_history but several mute forms

Hi @bamatic

One obvious explanation that I have is that the first report was submitted before the muting history was registered on the device. Client side muting was only added in CHT v. 3.12. Can you check when your server was upgraded to 3.12 and crosscheck that with your missing muting histories?